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Embrace the Power of Leadership & Executive Coaching

Quality leadership development is an acquired skill that can facilitate extreme growth and development of any business and team. It is a form of organizational learning and empowerment for transforming professionally, personally, and to help lead your team confidently towards achieving its goals.

Jim uses his background experience to help you Engage with problems, Elevate your team beyond their current thinking, and Excel into a new phase of achievement and success. He will use trusted methods and open communication to facilitate the change you are willing to undergo and adapt your company to modern agile business models.

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What are Executives Saying

"I started working with Jim when I was very stuck and unhappy at work and was eager to make a move. With each session, he created a safe and productive space for talking through my thoughts and feelings, often posing the perfect question to unblock me when my thinking became narrow or negative. I’m now in my dream job and couldn’t thank Jim enough for his help in getting me there!"

-Stacy L.

What are Executives Saying

"I moved into a new and expanded role and struggled to make the impactful change that I knew was needed to bring my team to the next level. Within the first fifteen minutes of our initial conversation, Jim helped me identify and address critical organization dynamics that prevented my team from aligning around crucial opportunities for improvement... Jim has had a tremendous impact on me and my career.”

-Ashley N.

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Emerge, Elevate, Excel

Jim’s Approach

The Triple E approach eases the weight that rests on your shoulders as the leader. You will work together to reduce the stress of your position and identify the different problems and challenges preventing future growth. Instead of allowing your team to continue in patterns of behavior that no longer serve your end goals, you will brainstorm, plan, and enjoy success through open communication and guided development.

James has been a Leadership Executive Coach for a long time and developed the Triple E system as a tool to help leaders become what they desire to be. With his Emerge, Elevate, and Excel System, he can present the tools you need to break through those unfortunate roadblocks and discover the correct solutions to your problems.

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How Does it Work?



You will start by acknowledging and identifying the problems causing repeating patterns of feeling stuck. Then, you will begin to Emerge beyond the bottlenecks holding back growth and find room for improvement. By providing a safe place and time to explore what is going on, you can regain control over the situation that may be adversely affecting your environment.



Next, you will rise above those identified problems and Elevate your perspectives for a fresh look. Jim will guide you through brainstorming where no blame is placed on your efforts and judgment is left outside the room. This way, you can safely approach possible solutions where your voices are heard and acknowledged. This creates a new vision for your team, company, and business so you can chart a pathway forward towards success.



Finally, you will put your plan into action and Excel into a new place of achievement where you can utilize agile transformation to quickly respond to change. You’ll identify those areas where you need to remain flexible and open-minded to new outcomes while protecting the traditions and infrastructures that your team and clients rely upon. Here you will develop the invaluable gift of positive feedback loops, which will help you adapt, change, and succeed moving forward.

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