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What is Coaching

What is Professional Coaching & Mentorship

Coaching is a calling for those among us that wish to offer up their experience and knowledge to help others grow and develop beyond their current challenges. It is a partnership of trust that moves through a thought-provoking and creative process designed to enhance your professional potential. A quality coach will recognize your abilities and successes in life and work to leverage those valuable assets to help you overcome and identify the problems holding you back.

The bond of trust developed through this partnership works both ways. It is facilitated through open communication and mutual respect for one another. It is a healthy bond that empowers the growth potential of the individual, your group, team, organization, and business.


The Safe Place

A coaching session with James is built on the foundation that everything and everyone is welcome to come to the table. There is no judgment about you or your team. The session is designed to be a safe place where transparency is paramount so all ideas can be explored as possible solutions and opportunities for growth. The power of coaching exists in the ability of the team to come together and find an inner awareness before they move into new actions based on a well-thought-out plan.

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How Coaching Works

Together, you will move through the Triple E method to Emerge, Elevate, and Excel as you overcome your problems. This will be done by Jim listening closely to your words and actions to help you identify what roadblocks have been placed in the way of your company’s goals. The conversations will lead down a pathway to finding solutions, what resources will be required, and how to keep your entire team on the same page through the process of achievement.

Why Coaching is so Important

The business world and modern organizational layout are changing rapidly. We now live in a world where downsizing, restructuring, merges, and other organizational changes have altered the traditional workplace. Remote and online jobs have shifted how we view our spaces, and international communication models have changed our perspective on growth. Managers are now being asked to perform tasks they were never prepared for in a widening competitive landscape. Without coaching and mentorship, those leaders and individuals relied upon for growth may seek other ventures.

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The Benefits of Coaching

Jim uses a coaching program that helps guide you to achieve your goals. Not all companies are the same, and those goals may vary depending on your structure. Some of the more common reasons for receiving coaching include:

  • Increased Productivity
  • Company-Wide Communication Development
  • Rewarding Workforce
  • More Positive Work Environment
  • Ability to Adapt
  • Higher Client Retention
  • And many, many more . . .

Where to Start

Coaching can seem like an overwhelming addition to your already full plate. However, the reality is that you probably recognize that you may be already stuck in a cycle of repeating patterns that have gotten you no closer to your goals. Here are a few reasons why coaching may be right for you:

  • Lack of Confidence - you have reached a point in your team’s development where you feel like nothing will bust the dam holding you back.
  • Stuck in the Mud - Your company wants to move forward, but you keep coming back to the same issues over and over again.
  • Lack of Interest - Your team has put in 100% and still doesn’t feel they succeed in their endeavors.
  • Lost Direction - You cannot determine where to go next.
  • Negative Story - The repeating voice in your mind or the company culture tells a story of doubt.

There is a moment in every organization when you recognize the need for a fresh set of eyes to examine any problems. Jim offers a calming, open set of ears willing to listen to all the factors involved. When you have reached that plateau, it is time to bring in a professional to guide and listen to you so your company, team, and organization can finally move forward.


Questions to Consider for Your Next Steps

  • What are the goals our company, team, or business is striving to achieve?
  • Are we able to move forward and work towards those goals?
  • Are we willing to sit back and listen to each other and a coach to guide us through new perspectives?
  • When can we get started!
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Coaching Guides Your Development as a Leader, Team, and Organization Capable of Adapting to the Future

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